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Pasta that tastes of nature

Raguso is a modernly organized farm with low environmental impact production cycles: we take care of nature as we take care of our products. Each process is carefully controlled: sowing, cultivation, harvesting, storage, grinding, production and packaging of pasta ... quality also comes from attention to detail.

Speaking of details: the wheat comes from family lands, production takes place through the principle of a short supply chain and "zero km" (in fact, all the elements necessary for production come from areas no more than 60 km from the company) , wheat production waste is reused as feed (zero residue), our packaging is produced from recyclable paper that comes from FSC certified sustainable sources.


Our commitment to the environment

Pasta Raguso has obtained the "Zero Residue" (CSQA) certification, which ensures the adoption of sustainable agri-food processes and limits the use of non-natural pesticides to ensure that the residue of chemical products is below the limits set by law . The waste and by-products of wheat cultivation (stubble, straw, grinding residues, ...) are used either as feed for our cattle breeding in the semi-wild state or as biomass for the production of biogas; the excrements produced in the breeding are used as natural fertilizers. We use the stables - where the animals that feed in fallow fields live - to produce biomass. Our pellets are self-produced starting from pruning residues, ensuring a functional reuse of wood waste. Our goal for 2022 is to accurately quantify the carbon footprint of every single pack of pasta, trying more and more to aim for zero.


Towards sustainable agriculture

We believe that agriculture can have a beneficial value, contributing to happiness and well-being. We transform waste products into food of the highest quality, greatly reducing the exploitation of natural resources.Our mission is sustainable on all fronts, without forgetting the economic side. We know and appreciate every player in our supply chain, offering adequate remuneration: agriculture is the pillar of a more humane economy.

The concept of Agriculture 4.0 is central to the quality control and management of the productive treatments of Pasta Raguso: satellite maps, prescription maps and digital systems allow us to optimize the use of fertilizers - different for each type of soil present in the our fields - and pesticides.

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